include Directory Reference


file  asset.h [code]
 Asset Subsystem.
file  audio.h [code]
 Audio Subsystem.
file  ay8910.h [code]
file  backtrace.h [code]
 Backtrace (call stack) support.
file  console.h [code]
 Console Support.
file  controller.h [code]
 Controller Subsystem.
file  cop0.h [code]
 N64 COP0 Interface.
file  cop1.h [code]
 N64 COP1 Interface.
file  debug.h [code]
 Debugging Support.
file  debugcpp.h [code]
file  dfsinternal.h [code]
 Internal DFS Definitions.
file  dir.h [code]
 Directory handling.
file  display.h [code]
 Display Subsystem.
file  dma.h [code]
 DMA Controller.
file  dragonfs.h [code]
file  eeprom.h [code]
 EEPROM support.
file  eepromfs.h [code]
 EEPROM Filesystem.
file  exception.h [code]
 Exception Handler.
file  fmath.h [code]
 Fast math routines, optimized for 3D graphics calculations.
file  font.h [code]
 Font Data.
file  graphics.h [code]
 2D Graphics
file  interrupt.h [code]
 Interrupt Controller.
file  joybus.h [code]
 Joybus Subsystem.
file  libdragon.h [code]
 Main include file for programs seeking to link against libdragon.
file  mempak.h [code]
 Controller Pak Filesystem Routines.
file  mi.h [code]
 MI register definitions.
file  mixer.h [code]
 RSP Audio mixer.
file  n64sys.h [code]
 N64 System Interface.
file  n64types.h [code]
 Custom types used by libdragon.
file  pputils.h [code]
file  rdp.h [code]
 RDP: Hardware Display Interface.
file  rdpq.h [code]
 RDP Command queue.
file  rdpq_attach.h [code]
 RDP Command queue: surface attachment API.
file  rdpq_constants.h [code]
file  rdpq_debug.h [code]
 RDP Command queue: debugging helpers.
file  rdpq_macros.h [code]
 RDP command macros.
file  rdpq_mode.h [code]
 RDP Command queue: mode setting.
file  rdpq_rect.h [code]
 RDP Command queue.
file  rdpq_sprite.h [code]
 RDP Command queue: high-level sprite loading and blitting.
file  rdpq_tex.h [code]
 RDP Command queue: high-level texture/surface loading and blitting.
file  rdpq_tri.h [code]
file  regsinternal.h [code]
 Register definitions for various hardware in the N64.
file  rsp.h [code]
 Low-level RSP hardware library.
file  rspq.h [code]
 RSP Command queue.
file  rspq_constants.h [code]
file  rtc.h [code]
 Real-Time Clock Subsystem.
file  samplebuffer.h [code]
 Sample buffer.
file  sprite.h [code]
 2D Graphics
file  surface.h [code]
 Surface buffers used to draw images.
file  system.h [code]
 newlib Interface Hooks
file  timer.h [code]
 Timer Subsystem.
file  tpak.h [code]
 Transfer Pak interface.
file  usb.h [code]
file  wav64.h [code]
 Support for WAV64 audio files.
file  xm64.h [code]
 Efficient XM module player.
file  ym64.h [code]
 Player for the .YM64 module format (Arkos Tracker 2)