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system.h File Reference

newlib Interface Hooks More...

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Data Structures

struct  filesystem_t
 Filesystem hook structure. More...
struct  stdio_t
 Standard I/O hook structure. More...


#define MAX_FILESYSTEMS   10
 Number of filesystems that can be attached to the system.
#define MAX_OPEN_HANDLES   4096
 Number of open handles that can be maintained at one time.


int attach_filesystem (const char *const prefix, filesystem_t *filesystem)
 Register a filesystem with newlib. More...
int detach_filesystem (const char *const prefix)
 Unregister a filesystem from newlib. More...
int hook_stdio_calls (stdio_t *stdio_calls)
 Hook into stdio for STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR callbacks. More...
int unhook_stdio_calls (stdio_t *stdio_calls)
 Unhook from stdio. More...
int hook_time_call (time_t(*time_fn)(void))
 Hook into gettimeofday with a current time callback. More...
int unhook_time_call (time_t(*time_fn)(void))
 Unhook from gettimeofday current time callback. More...

Detailed Description

newlib Interface Hooks