Here is a list of all modules:
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 Debugging SupportDebugging support through development cartridges and emulators
 libdragonLow level runtime for homebrew development on the N64 platform
 Controller SubsystemController and accessory interface
 Controller Pak Filesystem RoutinesManaged Controller Pak interface
 Transfer Pak interfaceTransfer Pak interface
 Asset SubsystemInterfaces for loading assets from ROM or other supports
 DragonFSDragonFS filesystem implementation and newlib hooks
 Audio SubsystemInterface to the N64 audio hardware
 Audio mixerFlexible, composable, fast, RSP-based audio mixer
 Display SubsystemVideo interface system for configuring video output modes and displaying rendered graphics
 (Deprecated) Old RDP libraryInterface to the hardware sprite/triangle rasterizer (RDP)
 Console SupportSoftware console emulation for debugging and simple text output
 2D GraphicsSoftware routines for manipulating graphics in a display context
 RDPQ: Hardware-accelerated drawing APIInterface to the RDP (graphics hardware) for 2D/3D rasterization
 Peripherals subsystemManagement of serial peripherals, reachable through Joybus
 EEPROM subsystemManagement of EEPROM for saves
 Joybus SubsystemJoybus peripheral interface
 Real-Time Clock SubsystemReal-time clock interface
 Fast math routinesFast math routines, optimized for 3D graphics calculations
 Low Level Hardware InterfacesLow level hardware interface descriptions and functionality
 ROM bundle supportRompak functions (private API)
 Backtrace (call stack) supportImplementation of functions to walk the stack and dump a backtrace
 DMA ControllerDMA functionality for transfers between cartridge space and RDRAM
 Exception HandlerHandle hardware-generated exceptions
 Interrupt ControllerN64 interrupt registering and servicing routines
 N64 System InterfaceN64 bootup and cache interfaces
 RSP: vector coprocessorRSP basic library and command queue
 Timer SubsystemInterface to the timer module in the MIPS r4300 processor
 newlib Interface HooksSystem hooks to provide low level threading and filesystem functionality to newlib