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Rompak functions (private API) More...


file  rompak.c
 ROM bundle support.
file  rompak_internal.h
 ROM bundle support.


uint32_t rompak_search_ext (const char *ext)
 Search a file in the rompak by extension. More...

Detailed Description

Rompak functions (private API)

Libdragon ROMs created by n64tool allows to have several data files attached to them. We call this super minimal filesystem "rompak".

The rompak can optionally contain a TOC (table of contents) which is a directory that allows to list the files and know their offset. The libdragon build system ( creates this by default.

Rompak is used by libdragon itself to provide a few features. Users should not typically use rompak directly, but rather use the DragonFS (which is itself a single file in the rompak).

Function Documentation

◆ rompak_search_ext()

uint32_t rompak_search_ext ( const char *  ext)

Search a file in the rompak by extension.

Files in the rompak are usually named as the ROM itself, with different extensions. To avoid forcing to embed the ROM name in the code itself, the most typical pattern is to look for a file by its extension.

extExtension to search for (will be matched case sensitively). This extension must contain the dot, e.g. ".bin".
Physical address of the file in the ROM, or 0 if the file doesn't exist or the TOC is not present.