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display.c File Reference

Display Subsystem. More...


#define NUM_BUFFERS   32
 Maximum number of video backbuffers.
#define FPS_WINDOW   32
 Number of past frames used to evaluate FPS.


void display_init (resolution_t res, bitdepth_t bit, uint32_t num_buffers, gamma_t gamma, filter_options_t filters)
 Initialize the display to a particular resolution and bit depth. More...
void display_close ()
 Close the display. More...
surface_tdisplay_try_get (void)
 Try getting a display surface. More...
surface_tdisplay_get (void)
 Get a display buffer for rendering. More...
void display_show (surface_t *surf)
 Display a buffer on the screen. More...
void display_show_force (display_context_t disp)
 Force-display a previously locked buffer. More...
uint32_t display_get_width (void)
 Get the currently configured width of the display in pixels.
uint32_t display_get_height (void)
 Get the currently configured height of the display in pixels.
uint32_t display_get_bitdepth (void)
 Get the currently configured bitdepth of the display (in bytes per pixels)
uint32_t display_get_num_buffers (void)
 Get the currently configured number of buffers.
float display_get_fps (void)
 Get the current number of frames per second being rendered. More...

Detailed Description

Display Subsystem.

Function Documentation

◆ display_show_force()

void display_show_force ( display_context_t  disp)

Force-display a previously locked buffer.

Display a valid display context to the screen right away, without waiting for vblank interrupt. This function works also with interrupts disabled.

NOTE: this is currently not part of the public API as we use it only internally.

[in]dispA display context retrieved using display_get