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do_ctors.c File Reference

C++ constructor handling. More...


typedef void(* func_ptr) (void)
 Function pointer.


void __register_frame_info (void *begin, uint32_t *ob)
 Register exception frames This is used as a placeholder if the user does not link in libgcc.
void __do_global_ctors ()
 Execute global constructors "Constructors are called in reverse order of the list". More...
void __wrap___do_global_ctors ()
 Execute global constructors This version is used by the new build system ( via the –wrap linker flag. When that is provided, this version will be utilized instead. New build system always links with g++ which is not directly compatible with ld when it comes to constructors and enables that flag by default.


func_ptr __CTOR_LIST__ []
 Pointer to the beginning of the constructor list.
func_ptr __CTOR_END__ []
 Pointer to the end of the constructor list.
char __EH_FRAME_BEGIN__ []
 Pointer to the beginning of exception frames.

Detailed Description

C++ constructor handling.